Recent Projects

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Series)
DIT / Media Manager
Seasons 6 - 15 / 2010 - 2021
20th Century Fox Television / FX Networks
DP: John Tanzer and Peter Smokler

Quantum Leap (Network Series)
2nd Unit DIT
Season 1 (2022)
DPs: Ana M. Amortegui & Tim Bellen
NBC / Universal

Norman Lear - 100 Years of Music and Laughter (TV Special)
ABC Networks
DP: Dylan Sanford

Still Got It (Pilot)
DIT / Camera Operator
Sketch show created by Kim Wayans
Directed by Shawn Wayans
DP: Adam Sklena

The Patient (Limited Series)
Camera Utility
Season 1 (2022)
DP: Dan Stoloff & Moira Morel
FX Networks

The Gordita Chronicles (Pilot)
Directed by Eva Longoria
DP: Jim Bagdonas

Kenan (TV Series)
Camera Utility / Loader
Season 1 (2021)
NBC / Universal
DP: Jim Bagdonas

El Tonto (Feature Film)
Directed by Charlie Day
DP: Nico Aquilar, AMC

Dice (TV Series)
Media Manager / 2nd AC
Season 2 - Comedy Series starring Andrew Dice Clay
Fox Television / Showtime
DP: John Tanzer

Sia - Rainbow (Music Video)
Music video for the song 'Rainbow' by Sia
DP: Pete Konczal

Baggage Claim (Feature Film)
Fox Searchlight
Director: David E. Talbert
DP: Anastas Michos

St. Sebastian’s (Feature Film)
Directed by Danny DeVito
DP: Anastas Michos

Leave (Feature Film)
Directed by Robert Celestino
DP: Michael Fimognari